On Demand Policy

On Demand Notice is defined by the amount of time requested to get ready for an agreed connection. This is not necessarily the amount of time a candidate (Staffer) should be to a connection or ready to engage in agree upon connection terms.  The amount of requested time is to prepare, tie up loose ends and be the best candidate they can.

Please be courteous of this in respects to both sides.  Businesses are looking for up to an immediate solution to a staffing shortfall.  Such as a call off, sick employee, or any of life’s other events that created your opportunity.  Furthermore in respect to Staffers, businesses should respect that people have lives, Service Tenders is a very useful tool to help out the business you represent and potentially gain a valued connection.  The On Demand time should be a two way street and discussed further during the negotiation period when selecting your connection.

Service Tenders LLC will review data and reviews associated with this section of the service regularly to verify its constitution and keep this a reliable basis to consider in making connections.

As always Service Tenders LLC would like to openly invite you to contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback.